When Do I Get My Loan Closing Disclosure?

  If an eligible loan proceeds from Estimate to closing, creditors must provide a Closing Disclosure form documenting the actual transaction terms and costs THREE business days before consummation. It must be in writing, whether paper or digital, and disclose ONLY the information specified by the CFPB. If terms or costs change prior to consummation […]

Understanding Your Loan: Closing Disclosure Page 1

  The first page of your Closing Disclosure documents: The Loan Amount – the total you will actually borrow The Interest Rate – which does NOT include the fees factored into the APR on Page 5 If this loan has a penalty for pre-payment or includes a balloon payment Page 1 will summarize the terms. […]

Understanding Your Loan: Additional Information Can Be Important

  Page 4 of your Closing Disclosure is important. It is NOT just standardized form information that is identical for every loan. Review these terms: Assumption: can this loan be transferred to another person if you sell or transfer the property? Demand: can the lender require early repayment of the loan? Late Payments: what penalty, […]

Understanding Your Loan: Cash And Transaction Summaries

  Page 3 of your Closing Disclosure will compare cash requirements from your Loan Estimate to your actual final charges. If “Did this change?” is “YES” notes for changed sections should be provided. The bottom line final “Cash to Close” is the money you will need in-hand in three business days. If your transaction has a […]

Understanding Your Loan: Closing Cost Details

  Page 2 of your Closing Disclosure details specific closing costs. Section A includes: Origination charges collected by the lender Origination fees paid to brokers, loan officers or other parties and Discount Points – prepaid interest. These figures should match your original Loan Estimate. Section B covers services for which you could NOT shop. The […]

Your Rights And Rules For Closing Disclosures

  The Closing Disclosure documents the actual terms of your loan transaction. You should receive it no later than 3 business days before consummation. It must be in writing – paper or digital. If the loan terms or costs change prior to consummation, your lender must provide a corrected disclosure AND an additional 3-business-day waiting […]

Understanding Loan Estimate Comparisons

  Page 3 of your Loan Estimate includes measures to help you compare loans. “In X Years” shows the total amount you will have paid in that time, and the dollar amount applied to your loan principal. The ratio between total paid and principal reduced may change over time. The APR shows interest PLUS fees […]

Calculating Your Cash To Close

  Page 2 of the Loan Estimate provides the current ESTIMATED cash to close. Some costs will stay the same between estimate and closing. Some will change. A – Origination Charges – should match. B – Can’t Shop – 10% Tolerance C – Can Shop – no tolerance limit, BUT IF you select a provider […]

Understanding Your Loan Estimate: Other Costs

  Real estate transactions require taxes, certain pre-payments, and escrow funding. Recording fees are charged by government agencies for keeping legal ownership records, while “transfer taxes” may be imposed by states, counties and municipalities on real estate ownership transfers. Prepayments may include homeowner’s insurance premiums on the property mortgage insurance, if required property taxes for […]

Understanding Your Loan Estimate: Services You CAN Shop For

  These costs are paid to outside parties and YOU are free to shop and compare providers for a variety of services. These might include pest inspection, or  a survey to verify property lines or a range of Title-related services. Title services might include: a Lender’s title policy, which protects their legal interest in their loan […]

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