Sales Process:

How Should I Prepare For Internet Showing?

  Today, your first “showing” will be on the Internet – you’re watching this on the Internet, right? Your price, listing description and PHOTOS determine whether someone will visit in person.  Consider professional staging advice or help. Prep for photos and video just as carefully as real visits. Ask your realtor if they use a professional photographer If they […]

How Should I Prepare The Outside For An Open House?

  Professional “staging” may include the exterior, but if you’re doing it all yourself, try the five things outlined in this video. 1 – Landscape & lawn. That’s the first impression; make it a good one. Mow, prune, edge and get rid of junk! 2 – Paint And Clean! You don’t have to do the whole house, but […]

How Should I Prepare The Inside For An Open House?

  For many homes and markets, professional help from someone in “staging” makes good financial sense.  Like this video say, check your staging options first. If you are doing it yourself, here are 5 key tips. One – Depersonalize. You want the buyer to envision this house being their home? Remove the things that make it YOUR […]

What Does The Closing Process Involve When I Sell?

  As this video explains, a signed sales contract doesn’t mean your house is sold. There are still financial, contractual and legal steps for both sides. The buyer has to get financing to meet the contract terms – which includes credit checks. The property is inspected and appraised; title insurance and escrow accounts are set […]

How Do I Make A Home Ready To Sell?

  As we show you in this video, start several months before the property is made available. Look through the eyes of a buyer What needs to be cleaned? Repainted? Repaired? Or tossed? Ask yourself – or a friend If you were buying this house what would you want to see? The goal is to […]

How Do I Evaluate An Offer?

  Well, as this story shows, there’s more to an offer than the price tag. Factors you should consider: Is this offer at, near or above my asking price? Are there clauses and additions in their offer that change the terms and final price substantially? How long since I had another offer, or expect another […]

What Is A Counter-Offer?

  The video puts this in more visual terms, but basically, a seller can respond to a buyer’s offer with changes – a “counter” – that improves the terms. You need to put yourself in their shoes and construct a modified offer that you think they might take that meets more of your needs. Then […]

How Can I Improve My Home’s Value?

  Buyers generally seek the least expensive home in the best neighborhood they can handle. Like the guy in the video says, you want to present a home that fits in the neighborhood but doesn’t stand out too much. For example if neighbors are all 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and 3000 square feet additions that […]